Merranti Breakfast Club Event | 15th November

Our next Merranti Breakfast Club!

Please book your tickets here for the Merranti Breakfast Club on Wednesday 15th November to avoid missing out!

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We are pleased to announce the date of our next Merranti Breakfast Club event!

This FREE networking event will be held on Wednesday 15th November. It will be held at the Merranti Pavilion once again, and we are excited to be holding it with our partners at the Edenbridge Rugby Club.

We would also like to announce that we have created a new page on our website that will act as a hub for the Merranti Breakfast Club, which has an effortless way to sign up to find out more about our events and links to book tickets to future events.


For our next event, we will have two speakers. Our first is Lisa Downs, who has recently set up her own law firm, LJD Law. She will be providing essential information and advice on the topic of GDPR, which will come into action in May 2018. If you are not ready for the GDPR change, then it could really impact your business.

After four years of preparation and debate, the GDPR was finally approved by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016. Even though this was part of EU law, and the UK are planning on leaving, Britain has chosen to make this part of their laws. This talk will be really important to your business to help you make the correct decisions moving forward to comply with the new regulations.

Our other speaker is Sarah Lyons who is a Senior Marketing Executive at Creative Pod. She will be giving an introductory session on how Google AdWords can help your business. Out of their session you will find more information about;

  • An introduction to Pay Per Click (PPC) and paid advertising
  • How a Google campaign should be structured
  • What you should be aware of when running a campaign
  • How you can measure the results your campaign

Our Breakfast Club events are aimed to bring local people and business together for a casual networking morning, supported with keynote speakers to add value to your business.

We hope this event is just as successful as our previous one.

Please book your tickets here to avoid missing out!