Merranti Breakfast Club Overview | 21st March 2018

Merranti Breakfast Club Overview | 21st March 2018

The Merranti Breakfast Club on 21st March 2018 aimed to bring local people and businesses together for a free casual networking morning.

Merranti Breakfast Club, 21st March 2018

Our event in March was all about the topic of People at Work. This was broken down by our three speakers; Clair Reilly, Eve Clennell and Fiona Monson.

Along with these talks, there were great opportunities for networking, with a lot of fresh faces in attendance.

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Clair Reilly

Clair Reilly is the managing director of Merranti Recruitment. Clair and her team specialise in Sales and Marketing, Administration, Management, Manufacturing, General Office Staff and Finance roles across a range of industries, however, this doesn’t restrict to other roles.

In her talk, Clair spoke about how to go about recruiting for new staff and the techniques you should use for finding the right fit for your specific role and the right fit for the culture of your business.

For any help or advice for recruiting new staff, you can always contact Clair via her email, or by phone on 01342 835769.

Eve Clennell

Eve is the owner of Horsham based HR Consultancy firm, Eden HR, who specialises in providing independent and expert HR advice and support. These services can be provided in either; the whole package of outsourcing your HR or just as and when you need them.

Eve’s talk covered the roles and responsibilities of employers and employees, which are;

  • Contract of employment terms
  • Notice terms
  • Rest breaks
  • Holidays
  • Family-friendly rights
  • Tax
  • Health and Safety
  • Discipline and dismissal

Fiona Monson

Fiona is one of our consultants at Merranti Consulting and specialises in Conflict resolution and insolvency solutions. She uses her past experience in finance and mediation to achieve outstanding results when dealing with her clients.

Fiona spoke about; How to avoid workplace conflicts and also how to solve a workplace conflict. These points linked very well to the previous two talks as conflicts can arise from HR disputes over contracts and also when workplace cultures do not fit in the

The Next Breakfast Event

Our next Merranti Breakfast Club event will be on the 23rd May. Book Now.

If you would like more information about our next event, please contact Jordan Williams on 01342 834 624 or to book a place for our free event or join the mailing list here.