5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud!

5 Reasons to move to the Cloud

There a quite a few different cloud-based tools you can use to benefit your business, not just finances.

As a great cloud solution, we would recommend QuickBooks, as it allows owners of many small to medium size businesses do what they do best, and then view their finances in real time.

Below are just some of the benefits of moving to a cloud accountancy software like QuickBooks.

1. Improved Security of Data

Cloud Computing software, not just for accountancy has proven reliable in protecting businesses secure information from Data Breaches. Companies such as QuickBooks, that offer these software services, must abide by strict regulations of Data Protection and have the benefits of Security of Scale, that make it so much more secure than having your financial information sitting in a spreadsheet on someone’s computer.

2. Reduced Costs

Usually, a small business would spend a lot of money licensing the software to install on individuals’ computers. With Cloud Computing, they provide the software as a service – including programs that are available individually. The software that is provided is all stored on a remote server online, instead of your hard drive.

3. Added Flexibility

Allowing to store near unlimited amounts of data and information, meaning an organisation doesn’t need to have a large amount of storage space on their computers or servers – even if you are a large corporate company.

It also means you can scrap a lot of the paper storage – by scanning in documents such as invoices and bank statements – and keep them stored securely online.

It also allows people to work from anywhere with internet access!

4. Increased Reliability

Cloud Computing has shown that software being provided as a service, is much more reliable, especially if you have the multiple staff using a software. For Merranti we use many Cloud Solutions such as; Google Drive for storage; Adobe Creative Cloud for design; and QuickBooks for finance.

As well as this, they are great for collaboration.

5. Finally – IT systems are evolving

Savings in cost and time can be shown as a clear advantage in Business Plans. When discussing Cloud Solutions within your business, it shouldn’t be seen as an alternative to an IT system, but rather an evolution of your business processes.
By having your IT Systems on the Cloud, it will save your business from the interruptions caused by traditional IT issues such as; Downloading updates, Bug Fixes and fixing System Errors.


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