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Measure your way to success

January 31, 2019

Measure your way to success As a business, it’s often easy to do things and correlate them with any growth. Many companies find that unless they adequately critique their marketing activity, they remain in the dark with regards to what is or isn’t working and opportunities for further growth. It’s important to quantify the impact

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Planning for Growth - 5 Step Series - David Tewkesbury Blog - Merranti Consulting

Planning for Growth – 5 Step Series

January 22, 2019

Planning for Growth How to set up your days, weeks and months to ensure the right focus on your growing business. Successful businesses grow organically often because of the drive, energy and motivation of their founder.  They manage their diary, their time, their workload, usually on notepads or in their head, and this is fine

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Marketing with a Purpose - Sanjit Badhan Blog

Marketing with a Purpose

January 3, 2019

Marketing with a Purpose It is easy to lose sight of what really matters in business, and most importantly why our customers should care about what we do. Amidst day to day operations, managing numerous campaigns/channels, pricing strategies, setting promotions, and so on it becomes hard to step back and see the bigger picture. Whilst

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Marketing on a Tight Budget – How it works for Small Businesses

November 29, 2018

Marketing on a tight budget – How it works for Small Businesses What does every business need but not always know how to do? Marketing! Every business needs it – whatever type of business it is. Many business owners don’t understand that marketing is not the same as sales, the two things are linked but

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Digital Marketing for a Small Business

How can a Small Business make the most out of Digital Marketing?

November 22, 2018

How can a Small Business make the most out of Digital Marketing? Digital marketing for small businesses can be very effective and doesn’t need to break your budget. It is worthwhile learning a few tips and tricks so that you can do some of your own work. Rather than having to hire external resources which

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How to spot the signs of conflict

What are the signs of conflict?

November 19, 2018

How to spot signs of conflict before it escalates? Signs of conflict will depend on the situation where it arises.  In a workplace or with a business partner it could be obvious due to a heated argument but could be more subtle such as a lack of communication between co-workers, increased absences or an unexpected

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How to avoid Conflict

What are the best ways of avoiding conflict?

November 2, 2018

What are the best ways of avoiding conflict? A healthy and controlled element of conflict can be useful.  People do not always need to agree on everything and debate or exchanging ideas on the best way forward can be healthy especially in a creative workplace or if a relationship has become stale. The critical factor

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Don’t do it alone! – Starting your Business

May 8, 2018

“Team Work makes the Dream Work”, ok yes I was cringing as I was typing it, but, it’s true! There is so much to do in the early stages of starting your business and as your business grows you need to determine whether you work within the business or manage the business, it is very

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