Merranti Breakfast Club Event | 21st March 2018

Merranti Breakfast Club | 21st March 2018

Our next Merranti Breakfast Club!

Please book your tickets here for the Merranti Breakfast Club to avoid missing out!

Merranti Breakfast Club

We are pleased to announce the date of our next Merranti Breakfast Club event!

This FREE networking event will be held on Wednesday 21st March. It will be held at the Merranti Pavilion once again, and we are excited to be holding it with our partners at the Edenbridge Rugby Club.

Our event in March is about People at Work. This will cover Employment Law and conflict within the workplace.

The keynote speakers are people from the local area and will be able to share the breadth of experience.

Fiona Monson

Fiona Monson is one of our newest Merranti Consultants. With her experience coming from past roles as a chartered accountant and an insolvency practitioner. Fiona is also an experienced speaker on insolvency and conflict issues and offers services compering business meetings and conferences and chairing difficult business meetings.

Her talk will be around ‘how to avoid conflict in the workplace’. As a professional mediator, this is a great topic for Fiona to talk about, as she can provide great advice of how to avoid being in a situation where you will need a mediator but will also explain what you need to look for if you are ever in a situation where you need one.

Eve Clennell

Eve Clennell was put in contact with us, through one of our past speakers from November’s event, Lisa Downs. We were looking for a specialist in the HR and Employment Law sector, and Eve is someone who has worked with Lisa in the past quite frequently.

She specialises in employee relations, employment law and High-performance HRM She can also provide assessment and development using proven psychometric techniques.

Eve will be talking about the rights of an employer and peoples’ rights as employees. This will fit in well with Fiona’s talk, because, if these rights aren’t met, then it could potentially lead to a conflict.

Clair Reilly

Clair Reilly is the director of Merranti Recruitment. At Merranti Recruitment, we specialise recruiting for the Print & Packaging Industry, but also have clients within lots of different industries that span a wide range of job types and pay caps. They have shown success in placing roles for our existing clients, by using 360 Print and Packaging recruitment methods to find the perfect candidates who are great fits for the role and the business.

Clair’s talk will techniques for candidates to be aware of when going for an interview and also techniques for employers when conducting interviews.

This event follows on perfectly from Januarys event on Kickstarting your year and should not be missed. Make sure you book your tickets before we sell out!

We hope this event is just as successful as our previous one.

Please book your tickets here to avoid missing out!