Merranti Breakfast Club Overview | 24th January 2018

Merranti Breakfast Club Overview | 24th January 2018

The Merranti Breakfast Club on 24th January 2018 aimed to bring local people and businesses together for a free casual networking morning.

Merranti Breakfast Club - 24th January 2018

January’s event was all about Kickstarting your year. This was broken down into three separate talks; Networking, Video Production and Personal Planning. Along with these talks, there were great opportunities for networking, with a lot of fresh faces in attendance.

Hazel Gibson, who said she was fairly new to networking and was also her first time attending the Merranti Breakfast Club commented “I really enjoyed today’s event. It had the right amount of informal structure and organisation with a friendly atmosphere and feel to it”.

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Stuart Ritchie – Purple Networking

Stuart is the co-founder of Purple Networking and is also the Senior Group Leader at Utility Warehouse. Before creating Purple Networking, he also had experience with being co-founders of several previous networking groups in the past.

His talks about the common mistakes of networking & provided tips on how to avoid them. Using quotes in his presentation he described how networking is about farming and cultivating relationships, rather than hunting for business. Stuart also demonstrated how to interpret peoples body language to figure out how to enter groups of people’s conversations.

Stuart would be really great to contact in regard to networking and about how to get the best of networking. You can contact him via his email –

David Tewkesbury – Merranti Consulting

David’s talk was about business planning and personal goal planning. As one of our Merranti Consultants, and his first time attending a Merranti Breakfast Club. The Breakfast morning was a fantastic opportunity for David to meet the friendly faces of people that attend the event, while also promoting himself and Merranti Consultant.

His talk showed an example of a personal development plan, which was also adaptable for a business also. He went into detail about what to think about when creating a Personal Development Plan, and details on how to fill it, and why people fail.

To get a copy of these Personal/Business plans, please contact David via

Jonty Egginton – Egg Media

Jonty Egginton is the Managing Director of Egg Media, who have a fantastic portfolio of videos that are produced for anyone, from a Small-to-Medium Business to Lewis Hamilton! Having previously met at a Gatwick Diamond Business Event, it was great to finally work with him at a Merranti Breakfast. His presentation went through statistics from last year, about the video, the types of video that can boost your business, and 10 tips for Producing your own videos in-house, just from a smartphone.

The types of video that can boost your video are;

  • An Overview Video
  • Product Video
  • A Meet the Team Video
  • How-to Videos
  • Testimonials

Within his advice about how to create your own videos, just by using your smartphone, the main tips were to:

  • Creating a Video Marketing Plan
  • Record a video in landscape rather than Portrait
  • Keep it Short
  • Use an external Microphone
  • Use Appropriate Lighting
  • Add Variety to your shots
  • Avoid zooming
  • Keep your Device Stable
  • Edit your video
  • Upload Natively to Social Media/Website

For more information, tips and advice about producing your own videos or to speak about getting professional videos produced, contact Jonty via

The Next Breakfast Event

Our next Merranti Breakfast Club event will be on the 21st March.

If you would like more information about our next event, please contact Jordan Williams on 01342 834 624 or to book a place for our free event or join the mailing list here.