Management Accounts

Merranti Accounting are a leading accountancy that offer services to complete your businesses Management Accounts

Cash in the bank does not equal profit and waiting until you receive your annual accounts is often far too long a time to establish the profitability of your business and your tax liability. We can work with you to develop and produce management information on a regular basis to assist you in running your business. This can include:

  •  Management Accounts: to report on the financial position of your business on a more regular basis
  •  Business Planning: to give your business direction and focus
  •  Budgeting: to define your targets
  •  Forecasting: to realign your expectations
  •  Cashflow Projections: to highlight cash shortages
  •  Variance Analysis: to compare actual results to expected results

These reporting tools will aid you in keeping your business on track and act as an early warning alert system, flagging up any discrepancies and variances for when your business veers off course. With the correct management information in place you will be able to monitor the performance of your business on a regular basis, providing you with a clearer picture. This will enable you to make fully informed decisions.